December 11, 2005

Who Would Have Thought!?

First of all, welcome New York Times Readers!!

I started this video blog back in May as a way to share moments of my children with their Grandparents who live far away. Who would have thought that 7 months later, I would be mentioned in the New York Times! In response to the article, I just want to say it was never my intention to have a large viewing audience anyway, so the comment about viewing my site and sites like mine in "small doses" is probably right on. For the Grandparents on the other hand, I'm sure the dose could never be large enough, and that's all that really matters! Thanks again for visiting.

Since I'm getting way more than the normal amount of hits today, I thought I'd list some of the best videos for you to see.

Egg Hunt 2005
Pictures For Daddy
Summer 2005: Montage
First Haircut
Scenes from the Country
Kinder Surprise
Myrtle Beach 2005
Eyes of Wonder

Take a peek at my sidebar for links to other really great videobloggers as well as links to some tools you can use for free to get you started on a videoblog of your own. Hope you enjoy your visit. Getting feedback really makes my day, so feel free to send me an email or leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

"It's so mundane and down-to-earth that it's charming," --It's a good thing he added the "charming". ;) Thanks for sharing. That's very cool!! Quite an audience you've gained in a few months. We're on our way to see "Narnia". I've been waiting for this movie since reading the first book in gradeschool. To sum up: WOOOHOO!! --Robin =}

Dennis said...

Congrats! That's cool that they mentioned you. I'm not so sure that it's mundane, though. I enjoy your vids.

Erin said...

Yeah, I wondered at first if I should take this as a compliment or not! However, if you spend anytime in the vlogosphere, you quickly learn that the word mundane has special significance among vloggers. In the last NYT article, "Mundane is the new punk" is quoted as being a mantra in the vlogophere. So it's a good thing.. that's what I'm telling myself anyway ;)

Tim said...

Mundane is soooo the new punk! Congrats, Erin. This rocks! We're all alittle bit punk in the vlogosphere. That's why we love it so much!

Berk said...

great vlog erin.. thanks for the comment! Let me subscribe and add you to my vlog roll!

Daniel said...

congrats on the article, erin. that's beautiful.

-your fellow punkster

Blu Crystal said...

WOW! Congrats girl!! :D

Joan Khoo said...

You worked hard on this blog and your children are adorable! :)