May 10, 2005

Looking back

Today I thought I'd share one of my husbands favorite ones that I've done. This is Jordan on Easter, hunting for eggs in our front yard. Filmed by Charlie and edited by me :)

Music: Serenade - by Jim Brickman


jonny goldstein said...

Easter egg hunts were so fun when I was a kid...And I'm Jewish! Anyway, this was fun to watch. Keep it up.

Chris Daniel said...

I really like this video! Kids are great! It's good to see another videoblogger from NC.

Josh Leo said...

That was a lot of easter eggs. I love the way that she puts her hand on her forhead to gaze into the distance in search of easter eggs.

ryanne hodson said...

you go this comment on our new vlogger blog:


With your creativity and love for family, you will always be able to find love and peace in art. or in vblogin'. Great job on editing and showing love. Keep vblogin'. and keep posting, Aloha!

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David Meade said...

How Adorable!