September 09, 2005

Summer 2005: Montage

Music: 100 Years - Five For Fighting

I worked really hard on this one! I basically went through 6 hours of video I took from our summer in Canada and picked out the clips. Some of them will already be familiar. It's kind of like our entire summer in 4 minutes. Lots of fun times spent in the backyard. Anyway, there is lots of video coming from our summer in New Brunswick, but this gives you a glimpse of what is to come. Hope you enjoy it!


FK923 said...

I enjoyed your video.
I'm jealous! You and your famlily, especially your children, spent summer days in such a big nature.

Chris Daniel said...

Nicely done. I liked the short clip of the puppets in the back seat:)

Susan said...

Very, very awesome. There were so many little parts of that that I liked, I could never mention them all here. The little headbanger is definitely a classic, though. :)

My best friend lives in NC; she's stationed at Seymour Johnson AFB. I hope you guys brave the hurricane Ophelia ok.


Dennis said...

That video is going to be a family treasure for a long, long time! Thanks for sharing it with us.

trine said...

this is so warm and lovely and I sat here thinking "I WANT ANOTHER BABY!!!"


this is lovely for us and i can tell you've put A LOT of effort into it, but it will be even more precious as time goes by...