July 30, 2005

Pictures for Daddy

Click to play [Quicktime]

UPDATE: Re-vlogged to exclude Freeplay Music

This one's for you Daddy! Jordan and Maddy drew pictures for you. Jordan was a little afraid that her drawing wasn't accurate of you. (For those of you that don't know Charlie, he is a bit bald on top :) ) Maddy was just happy to be playing with crayons. They miss you and send x's and o'x.


dltq said...

OMG that was so cute.

This is my first time visit to your vlog, actually, and I am SO subscribed now :)

Children have wisdom. Great vlog, keep posting. Raymond

Clark ov Saturn said...

Yeah, "daddy's not in there", that's classic and so wise. Once I had a DAT audio recorder and microphone and was recording a little toddler and he said "I'm not in there" and now I finally understand.... :)

Joan Khoo said...

Your kids are so cute. I look forward to the day you can show all these cute videos to her boyfriends she brings over. :) You can vlog that too.