September 28, 2005

Kinder Surprise

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Music: Along the Way - by Reza Manzoori
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While in Canada, we usually stock up on these little eggs called Kinder Surprises. They are milk chocolate on the outside, and the inner inside layer is white chocolate. They are hollow with a little plastic egg inside that you can open. It has pretty cool toys inside, most of which have to be assembled and once put together are often times larger than the egg! I mentioned that they were only available in Canada.. but that's not really true. They are available in other countries (not sure of all of them), but they aren't available in the US, maybe because choking hazard or something. Anyway, Charlie and I used to get them for ourselves because we thought they were so cool... and now we're passing the joy on to Jordan.

Correction: Just in from my husband... apparently you can get these eggs in the US.. he saw them the other day. Wheee!!!


Susan said...

She is very, very cute! Those toys do look complicated for little ones... guess it's a treat for the whole family! Who is holding the camera while you put the toy together?

Erin said...

Thanks Susan for visiting :) Yeah, the toys can be complicated for little ones. This was actually one of the more complicated ones. There are others that are easier. To answer your question about the camera.. I just positioned it between my arms while I put it together :)

Dennis said...

We have those in Mexico, too! They are really fun, and taste good, too!

Mike Overall said...

I lived in Ontario for 2 years in the 80's. Coffee Crisp Candy Bars were just the living end lol

Mike Overall

Dennis said...

By the're video has helped me become an addict. I'm like a little kid. Everytime I go to the store, I want to buy myself one of these eggs to see what's inside and to eat the delicious chocolate. Arrgghhh!!!

missbhavens said...

Ahhh, the joy of eating chocolate bits from one's own lap! I love to see a kid who has her priorities straight!

(also, that part where you asked if she needed help and she said "no thank you" then quickly added "I need help" had me laughing out loud. What a pip!)

David Meade said...

That's a pretty cool toy ... and it comes insde .. A CHOCOLATE EGG!?

I want a Kinder Egg too!!!


Tim said...

I love to listen to your girls interact with each other. It's great!

I remember discovering Kinder Eggs on a trip to Ireland with my family back in 1992 (I was 12). They were very exciting, even at that ripe old age!