November 29, 2005

Eyes of Wonder

Music: Bring a Torch Isabella - by Jon Schmidt (used by permission)

This is the first in a continuing series I will be doing over the holidays. I have tons of old video from Christmas' past that I have yet to edit. This one I put together from our Christmas in 2003. We always celebrate Christmas twice (once with Charlie's family, and once with mine). This one, we celebrated at our house with Charlie's family. I think it was the first Christmas that Jordan understood, at least partially, what was going on (that she was getting presents!). Maddy was due to be born any day, so this was the last Christmas that all the attention was focused on Jordan. Uncle Ashley enjoyed helping her open her presents.

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Chris Daniel said...

Nice video! I'm looking forward to watching Evan this Christmas. So, how old was Jordan when this was filmed? She looked liked Evan's age.

Dennis said... video! I love her expression and excitement. That's what I love about Christmas!

Blu Crystal said...

AWW! she is soo cute with her mouth open wide in amazement! I loved the part at the end when everyone was throwing up wrapping paper and that styrofoam popcorn stuff.....eww.I bet someone had fun cleaning up after that. ;D
Great video..I loved it!

Anthony said...

This was beautiful. It made me cry. I think it is great that you caught those moments on video. They are precious. I only we could have the same look on life as children sometimes do... To look on life and blessings with eyes of wonder.