April 01, 2007

5 Years in 5 Minutes

Once again, the time has come! Yes, videoblogging week is upon us again. I need to get back to posting regularly again and what better time to start. Here is my first installment. My plan is to not worry too much about polished editing this week... except for this one required some time. Happy Birthday, my girl!

(and I realize that the video isn't exactly 5 minutes, but I thought the title was catchy :) )

Lezarder.com Compilation #1

Download "Little Girl" (mp3)
from "Lezarder.com Compilation #1"
by Tracy Caine


Mike Moon said...

Excellent! Congrats on the anniversaries and keep up the great work.

jonny goldstein said...

That's a great idea. I'm going to suggest my bro do something like this w/pics of his kids.

Anthony said...

Cool. I'm always amazed at how well images come together in this type of presentation. You've got lots of neat pictures in there....all tied to some great memories for you and your family. Very cool.
Happy Videoblogging Week!