April 03, 2007

Coffee Beans?

Music courtesy of Podsafe Music Network
Greasy Coffee Beans - Rober Morgan Fisher

This video is the result of a conversation on Twitter (if you don't know what Twitter is, go check it out... it's hard to explain!) People are always thinking about, needing, wanting or on their way out to get some coffee. This one's for MissB who hopefully will enjoy my little package and she even promised to make a video in return. Looking forward to it! Photos are from Flickr Creative Commons.


missbhavens said...

Whoopie!!! Erin that was was so cool! I'm so excited! Wow, people really twitter about coffee constantly! What a hopeless bunch of addicts we are!

But it tastes so right, it just can't be wrong!

Can't WAIT to taste that fresh roasted coffee! Thanks so much!

Chris Daniel said...

So true.. I'm guilty of that myself.. I noticed the other day how many times I posted something about coffee on Twitter.

Ajit said...

I want some coffee!

Rupert said...

I'm in a coffeehouse drinking coffee, twittering, posting a video i just shot about getting coffee to my blog and to twitter, and watching your video about coffee and twitter. this is some kind of crazy metaworld!

newmediajim said...

I'm not an addict, I can quit any time I want...really. but after seeing that i could really use a cup!