March 19, 2007

PodCamp Atlanta Recap

I will post a video eventually of all the random footage I took. I really am not great at taking photos and video during these events, so I don't have much to work with! Here's a photo I found on the PodCamp Atlanta flickr pool from our Meet the Vloggers panel on saturday.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Charlie and I and Chris Daniel hung out outside the main hall most of the morning. We talked videoblogging for a good bit and then eventually met the other panelists after lunch. Our panel, led by Ben Ramsey, went OK... but the 45 minutes we had was simply not enough. We ended up answering a lot of questions on the "hows" of videoblogging and very little on the "whys"... but I think that was only because we just didn't have the time. We talked a lot about too and how much we love it :) I got a kick out of hearing the other podcasters refer to videoblogging as "v-logging" :D

Grabbed some sushi on saturday evening with the Daniels and Ajit and Kelly from Squigglebooth. Went to First Baptist Church of Atlanta on Sunday morning and then off to Underground Atlanta to walk around a bit before heading home. We coincidentally found the Daniels roaming around there too!

The panel was recorded (video and audio), so hopefully I will be able to provide some links soon!

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Amber said...

Thanks for coming!! I'm really bummed that I missed the vlogging panel, but fortunately there will be a video of it. :) You are absolutely right about the time... for many of the sessions, 45 minutes was not long enough. Next year, they'll be longer! (And will be hopefully out of beta!)