June 14, 2006

Covering Vloggercon

CNET news.com talked to some of us about Vloggercon and about videoblogging. I do have some of my own video to post on Vloggercon, but I'm still recovering from my trip and have been too tired to work on anything yet! Stay tuned though. It was a great trip and I enjoyed meeting everyone so much. Thanks CNET for including us.

Check out all the videos coming into blip.tv from Vloggercon here. Subscribe to the feed!


missbhavens said...

I'm too pooped to edit, too!! I'm so glad you guys made it to Vloggercon.

trine said...

very cool, erin, you'e practically famous now eh? ;-)

glad you made it, you still haven't said whether you had a good time, but i assume you did... btw. I've "moved house" as it were, though I think my feed's stayed the same..