June 16, 2006

Vloggercon: Karaoke

Here's a clip from the last event at Vloggercon. Charlie and I had to leave before the party really got started, but here's some exclusive footage from the beginning of the night with Susan from kitykity's vlog. It was awesome meeting her.. another fellow vlogging mom. Enjoy :)

And to answer the question of whether I had a good time.. I had an awesome time! It's hard to even describe. I didn't take as much video as I'd hoped, but after awhile of trying to meet everyone while taking bad video (because I couldn't concentrate on doing both well), I decided that I would rather enjoy the whole experience without looking through the lense all the time. Besides, there are tons of photos and videos from everyone to help me remember the event.

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Apparently we missed a great party! Nice work on the CNET interview!