November 20, 2005

Fun at the Playground

Click to play [Quicktime | 23.5 MB | 3:20 mins]

Music from one of their favorite shows, Dragon Tales

We took the kids to the playground yesterday since it was so nice (a little chilly, but nice). It was hilarious to watch Maddy go down the big slide by herself.. starting off thinking "Weee this is fun".. then about halfway down.. "Oh crap!!". Not sure that the video does it justice. That was new for her.


Vu Bui said...

Gotta love the brief looks of helpless fright as she slides down... then happiness again at the bottom. Future rollercoaster lover.

Blu Crystal said...

I loved this video ;) she is so big for 1 !!! when mine were one they were nearly like infants (i guess cuz they were born so early)

good job!! loved it!!!

Erin said...

Actually, she will be 2 in January... so she's a little small for her age :)

Blu Crystal said...

Erin, Uhm i bought my camara but i dont know how to edit it bc i cant use windows movie maker to edit my .mov files....grr...can you sugest what i should do next?

Susan said...

That song makes me want to go out and find a slide! Awesome!