November 16, 2005

Remix: Future Superstars!

Click to play [Quicktime | 17.8 MB | 4:14 mins]

Music: They are the Roses - by Kathy Mattea

My videoblog is all about my kids, so it stands to reason that I love watching other video blogs that feature people's children. In the spirit of Remix Month over at We Are The Media, here is a remix of some of my favorite kids in vlogs. Hope you enjoy!

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Dennis said...

Great post! Thanks for including us!

Susan said...

How very, very awesome! I love it! :D Now I'm gonna go cry... :..)

Chris Daniel said...

Evan says "Thanks" for putting him in the video..actually he can't really talk, but if he could.. I'm sure he would say that.

That was cool to see him w/ the others! It was like a vlog play date.

Aaron Flores said...

Thanks was great!!! Ah, to being a little one again. Thanks for including Sarai and London. I'll repost on theVoiz.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment on my vlog...

I am just a busy guy who loves video...

thanks again for the comment...


Verdi said...

Nice job! Imagine how much videoblogging these moments will mean to our families in the future.