August 27, 2007

Jordan's First Day of School

Music: Hotcake Syrup - Derek K. Miller
Courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network 

Jordan started Kindergarten last week. Here is a brief rundown of how the day went. She loved it!


Josh Leo said...

I forgot about you because I was having so much fun!"

Hah, that must make you feel bad and good at the same time!

Way to go Jordan!!

Lan Bui said...

oops, commented on the wrong post!

CJEnglishTeacher said...

Being a mother of two who is currently on maternity leave, I enjoyed watching Jordan's first day of school. I hope that I can capture my children's memories the way you have!

Dennis said...

loved the spongebob notebook!

Blu Crystal said...

awesome!! I'm glad someone likes school because my boys hate it! LoL. ;D

How have ya been? i'm just starting to do this vlogging thing again.....I have a few new ones up....ONE BORING one of ME...LOL But i couldnt sleep last night because I just had to post!