July 26, 2007

Picture Perfect

Music: Turkish Delight - David Crowder Band 

We finally got around to importing the pictures from Jordan's Fisher Price camera. There were close to 700 pictures on there! Jordan and I sat down together and picked out some of them to include in this slideshow. She sat with me and watched while I put most of it together so this is our first real team effort. I enjoyed going through them and seeing from a childs perspective the things that were worthy of snapping photos of. Enjoy!


Tara said...

Some great pictures in there. I laughed as I saw the individuals od all the toys, that is the first thing my daughter did when we got home from her getting hers.

Lan Bui said...

I guess it is good that she didn't miss you, good in a sad way. At lease she likes school!

Blu Crystal said...

awesome! I have been thinking of getting the boys each one of those camaras for Christmas....do they come in mulitple colors or just one or two?