July 29, 2006


Last year, during our extended visit with my parents in NB, Canada.. Jordan got to missing her Daddy so she drew a picture for him. This year, she started missing him again. I asked her if she wanted to make a video to send to him and she said yes. This is what we got :)

Just a note to Daddy, she started missing you after she got in trouble. I think she wanted you to bail her out! I do think she genuinely misses you though :)


Catherine said...

Those are some serious crocodile tears! Cute.

missbhavens said...

Oh! When she flashed that big smile while her eyes were still all glassy with tears I totally choked up!

trine said...

that is so gorgeous! helene does the same - if i tell her off she wants daddy and the reverse. she is adorable though..

Bev Sykes said...

Oh so sad. I'll bet she'll enjoy this when she is older!

JuanFalla said...

I can see your daghter watching this video when she's 30 years old, and laghing/crying at the same time.

It's so valuable what videoblogs are going to become once years start to pass. We'll be able to "see" our lives, moments we wanted to keep forever... And this video is one of those where time will make it even more valuable.

One question, what did "dad" say when he saw the video?

Oh, and the smile at the ende was beautiful, I was getting so sad, but the smile gave it a loving ending.

C said...

That was precious!