April 26, 2006

We're on the cover!

Watch the video

The new book "Secrets of Videoblogging" was just released today, and look who's on the cover! We're also mentioned in the book as well. Thanks to Ryanne and Michael for including us. I can't wait to read it! Order your copy here on Amazon. (the book cover on Amazon still hasn't been updated).

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Laura said...

Wow! Aren't you just the vlogging Superstar now! :) I feel proud that you came all the way from NB and now you're on the cover of a BOOK!

It is kind of funny to me that you are vacationing to Saint John this summer. I know it is your hometown, and I suppose if I grew up here I would probably feel the same way. Plus, I remember as a kid how FANTASTIC that aquatic center was! So, I hope you, and your kids, have a blast coming home to Canada!