April 04, 2006

Turning Four

Videoblogging Week 2006: Day Two

Click to play [Quicktime | 23.4 MB | 5:02 mins]

Today, my daughter is four years old. She is growing up so fast! This video has been in the works for about a month and one reason I haven't posted much. What better time to post it than videoblogging week 2006! Special thanks to Daryl Boyer for letting me use his song!

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Chris Daniel said...

Well worth the time you spent on this! I know you had lot's of footage. Kids grow fast, huh?

Anthony said...

O, you almost made me cry again.

Great job!

Happy Birthday Jordan!!

Dennis said...

Nice video! I don't even want to think about Nathan's 4th bday.

Duncan said...


that was great!

thx for sharing this!