April 03, 2006

This is me

Videoblogging Week 2006: Day One

[Click to play [Quicktime | 14.6 MB | 3:00 mins]

Here I am, stepping out from the norm and recording myself for once. I truly hate the way I look and sound on video, but heck... I'm going to post it anyway! So dangerous! I've been videoblogging for almost a year now, and still have yet to do a proper introduction, so I guess you can let this be it. Talking to the camera is definately not easy for me. That's why I let the kids take center stage most of the time. Maybe if I practiced it more, it would come easier. However, my kids are far more entertaining than myself. At least I think so anyway. Enjoy the video (or not!)

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Anthony said...

Beautiful post. Thanks so much for sharing. And from sharing again from your heart. You usually do share that way but this one is different, it is so much more personal.
One of your best.
Happy Video Blogging Week!!!
I look forward to seeing the video you have been working so hard on.

Chris Daniel said...

You should talk to the camera more. I haven't been in many of my recent videos either.. that may change this week.

Dennis said...

Hey! Nice to see you around finally! Great video, and a great way to kick off the week.

trine said...

you're great at this!! more more more!

wow almost a year, impressive.

happy videobloggingweek!

commentsblog01 said...

Yes, thanks for sharing. I'm too shy to be on camera myself, so I can relate. But I also enjoy it when other people break through that and expose themselves. Call it living vicariously, maybe.

And perhaps you'll share more. Nice listening to you.