January 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Maddy

Click to play [Quicktime | 23.9 MB | 4:56 mins]

This past Sunday, Maddy had her second birthday. It's hard to believe it's already been two years since she was born! With everything going on, we didn't get a chance to plan anything big, so we had a last minute get together with close friends of ours and their two boys. Hot dogs, cookies, chips and cake. What more could a kid ask for? Jordan also got a present so she wouldn't feel left out (which she would have). I had to show you multiple angles of that doll.. too funny.


Dad said...

We leave and the partys begin. Oh well!

There is even a rumour going around that Settlers may have been played. Could this be true? Were you afraid of getting beat by your mother?

Nice video Erin.

Anthony said...

Good job. My favorite parts were the transition from title to movie: unwrapping like a gift, the cake cutting and distribution, the joke about the pony tail (ha ha ha), and the -wait its not over yet- baby falling off the table. Fun.

Blu Crystal said...

Nice video! ;D
and it looks like lil maddy had a blast!! ;D

small parties are the best anyway.