September 19, 2005

Grandma's Birthday

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Music: Family - by The Sorentinos

Last weekend, we went to a small town called Aynor, South Carolina where the family met at the old house of Charlie's Great Grandmother. We celebrated her 100 + birthday (no one knows exactly how old she is, but it's definately over 100). We had a pig pickin', and the 4-wheelers were a big hit with everyone. Most of all, Grandma got to spend some time at the house she lived in, and see all of her family on her special day.


Josh Leo said...

I hope my grandma lasts that long. (does that make her sound like a car or something?)

JV said...

Good old Aynor. My mom lives about halfway between there and Conway, in a district affectionately called UCLA (Upper Conway / Lower Aynor).

It'll all be called West Myrtle Beach in ten years, anyway.

You've been blogrolled! :)