May 13, 2005

And away we go!

We are leaving as soon as we can get away today. I'm not sure if I'll have a chance to post anything or not while we are gone. I thought I'd leave you with one more video before we leave. None of these videos I've posted so far are new, but I hope to start posting new stuff soon. We'll be back next week... hopefully refreshed and ready to get back into the old routine again. Have a great week!

This is a clip I found yesterday on disc. It's unedited, but it's short so I thought I'd just post it as is. This is from about a year ago I think. We visited Jordan's great GREAT Grandma in the nursing home. She will turn 100 this year.

Click to play [Quicktime]

PS. The Banging to Sleep video has been re-posted and now has sound. Much better version.

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