April 05, 2007

First Pictures

Music courtesy of Podsafe Music Network
East Side Bar - Josh Woodward

Yesterday, was Jordan's birthday and we gave her a Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera. Everytime I get my camera out, Jordan wants to take pictures with it, but I'm a little protective of it because it's the only one I have. She took pictures with it for the rest of the day... and loved it. It definately isn't the best picture quality, but I wasn't really expecting it to be. The funniest thing was explaining to her that to her that she needed to take pictures of things that weren't moving so her pictures wouldn't turn out blurry. She got so frustrated when Maddy wouldn't stay still... finally understanding why I get so frustrated trying to get her to stay put!

These are the first pictures she took with it for the rest of the day. She was very proud that she helped me make a video :)

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Dennis said...

nice video. she's gonna be a good photographer.