December 24, 2006

Computer Crash

Normally, I don't post unless I have a video, but the videos have been coming a bit slow these days if you haven't noticed. Some of you have asked what's up, and my answer up until today would have been that life has gotten really busy over the holiday season. I definately haven't lost my interest in videoblogging. Today though, I went to check my email first thing in the morning, and a strange noise was coming from my computer. It then froze, and now will not start back up. It appears as though my hard drive has failed, and I've most likely lost everything on it. Fortunately... all my videos were backed up, but most everything else including that last 6 months of photos was lost. This makes me very sad :( Luckily, my computer is still under warranty, so after Christmas I hope to get it running again and get back into making some vids.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season. I'll be back soon!

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