November 25, 2006

T-Ball '06

Has it really been a whole month since I posted? I guess we've been busy. That, and I've got a new addiction that I will show you in a future post. Jordan just finished up her first season of T-Ball which she really enjoyed. Here are some clips from the whole season.
Download "I Love Baseball" (mp3)
from "I Love Baseball"
by Steve Vozzolo and The Rookies


Anthony said...

That was really cute. Baseball can be a great sport if the people playing it remember that its a game and to have fun.
Unfortunately baseball reminds me of strikes, overpayed players, and parents of little league children getting into fist fights.
This was refreshing to see kids have fun. Kids learning a sport and learning sportsmanship. That is cool.

Chuck Leggett said...

This episode is highlighted in Vlog Gumbo 11.