August 28, 2006

Summer Vacation '06: Part One

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Here are some scenes from our summer in New Brunswick, Canada. Something a little different from last year. Part 1 of 3. Hope you enjoy!

Music by Rob Fleming (Highway 21) via the Sountrack Lounge

Concert Music: The Kelly Jay Band


Anthony said...

Cool. I like the titles on this post and on the one for ladies night out. They are really good looking. My editting programs don't produce titles so nice or I haven't learned how yet.
Maybe both.
Anyway, I like how you did little sections of the time away. Well put together. Great vid.

JuanFalla said...

Memories. Nice. Cute. Happy. Smile. Moments. Family. Fun. Dance.
Those words on the top, where th things you made me think and feel while watching this video. It was so much fun. I enjoyed the music through out the whole video, and it's a wonderful memory for your girls. It's a nice "recap" of the holidays.