June 26, 2006

Hair Cut

Click to play [Quicktime | 4.4 MB | 1:08 mins]

Music courtesy of The Podsafe Music Network
Autumn Weather - Baron Von Lichtenstein

Watch the incident that took place this afternoon. It's one of those things that is funny later, but not right away.

*note* I was re-watching this recently, and I couldn't figure out why it made me think of Dave from 90 Seconds of Dave. Then I wondered if I maybe used some music that he used, and sure enough.. he used this exact song for his Transformation video. I knew I had heard it before!! Anyway.. I guess Maddy underwent a little transformation of her own :)


missbhavens said...

Uh Oh...who did the cutting?

Dave H. said...

What a pleasant little disaster :-)

Tim said...

The music brought about a sense of drama that only added to what I found to be a very funny video. The titles helped too. I know some adults that have done even worse things with scissors!