October 27, 2005

Vlogger Mashup

Click to play [Quicktime | 14.5 MB | 3:26 mins]

Music: Video Killed The Radio Star - by The Presidents of the United States of America

Featured Videoblogs:

Josh Leo's Vlog
Chris Daniel's Video Blog
Mexico Movies
Steve Garfield's Video Blog

Also appearing: Steve Garfield's Mom, Mildred Garfield, and Jay Dedman.

Since I started my videoblog back in May, the number of videoblogs I watch on a daily basis has kept growing. I can't watch them all, so sometimes I have to go through and filter out the ones that I'm just not interested in anymore. There are many, however, that keep my interest with every new post. These are four of them that I have watched from the very beginning that I will probably keep watching until they stop posting. Here is the first in what I hope will be a continuing series of vlogger mashups. Some clips are old, and some are recent. If you are a regular to my site and aren't familiar with other videoblogs, I would encourage you to check these out!


Josh Leo said...

i am rediculously flattered!!! you picked out some of my favorite parts too! It felt so nostalgic looking at this video...like looking through a family album...awesome job!

Chris Daniel said...

Wow! Cool, thanks for including clips of my videos! It's good to know people actually watch them :) You rock!

Dennis said...

Yeah! What a flattering thing. Thanks so much for including us. I watch everyone of your videos, too, and the vids you featured on this. I was actually thinking of doing a re-mix sort of video, too. Great minds...

Steve Garfield said...

Oh My!

I had to stop it after seeing Josh and his cat.

This is amazing.

You've picked some of the best Josh Leo moments...

I feel like I am watching an episode of Oprah and they roll some highlights when the guest comes on.

great stuff, now back to playing some more...


now i watched the whole thing


I remember Chris' mean dog

and the loaf of bread!

and you certainly picked a few oldie but goodies posts of mine.

they brought a smile to my face knowing that you personally picked those as favorites

I've got to go show my mom ;-)


Erin said...

So glad you all liked it! This was really fun to do.

XK9 said...

Flippin' Schweet!

Nick said...

awesome, such a terrific job.

Tim said...

That was very cool, Erin! Loved the soundtrack, too. You may have inspired me to do one of these myself.

Chris said...

Having seen some, it was like reminiscing ol' family movies -- having not seen others, i am inclined to sift through the archives to view them... that was really lovely.

Susan said...

Excellent, excellent job! You've really got some good talent going on! :D

David Meade said...

Some of my favorites too! Great showing for rerun week as well - very entertaining flashbacks to some great vlogs.