October 14, 2005


Click to play [Quicktime | 11.7 MB | 2:49 mins]

Music: The Coffee Song - by Jars of Clay

Here's that post that I didn't put up before going on vacation. It's my second video on the subject of coffee. If you didn't see the first one, check it out. Come in to my kitchen and watch while I make a cup of cappucino. Enjoy!


Josh Leo said...

the last shot with the moustache is great...nice machine you have there

Dennis said...

Yes...I did like the last shot with the mustache. You're hardly in your videos (I'm the same way). I didn't know Jars sang that song.

Chris said...

gosh that was really nice. i could just smell the coffee. makes me wanna go out to my favorite coffee place, but alas, it's in seattle.