August 30, 2005


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Inner Child - by Falik

I'm always up for trying new restaurants, and new kinds of food in general. Unfortunately, my husband Charlie is the complete opposite. He pretty much sticks to his "meat-and-potatoes", southern kind of food. This makes it difficult for me to go to restaurants with different kinds of foreign or ethnic foods (even if they are Americanized). Although, I can honestly say that Schlomo's experience at Harris Ranch would have been a little too much for me! This past weekend, however, my brother-in-law requested we go out to Yamatos (a Japanese steakhouse) for his birthday. We loved the "show" as well as the food. Charlie, however, ended up taking Maddy out because she was scared and went to Chick-fil-A instead (lucky for him I guess). Anyway, hope you enjoy the video.

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Scott Walker said...

Hi Erin!

When I first saw the title to this movie, I first thought that one of your girls was trying to say "Tomatoes." LOL

But seeing your video, makes me want to go to Daruma's, not far from here; it, too, is a Japanese-style restaurant. I love their food but don't eat there often because it's expensive, but after seeing your video, it's time for a re-visit.

Enjoyed! Thanks.