June 01, 2005

Up Country

This is another older video. I have all this older stuff that I want to edit, so from time to time, I will be posting vids from the past. I will still be posting new stuff as well. I watched all of Josh Leo's earlier videos the other day and was reminded of this one when I watched the ones about him visiting his family (which were great by the way!) I am originally from New Brunswick, Canada and moved here when I got married six and a half years ago (wow, has it been that long?!). I try and make it home at least once a year to see my family. My family has kind of dispersed in all directions now, so for the past 3-4 years, we have tried to come together at my Nana and Grampy's summer place we like to call "up country" to catch up with everyone. "Up Country" was one of my favorite places to go as a child. We would get to see all of our cousins, go swimming, play in the woods... all kinds of fun stuff. I have very fond memories of this place. Now all the cousins have children of their own. Jordan was about 16 months when this video was taken, and I was pregnant with Maddy. I found out that summer that a close cousin of mine was also pregnant (we ended up having our girls within two days of each other!) This was one of the first videos I'd ever done. My Dad was behind the camera, and I did the editing later. You can tell by the cheesy transitions.. and I think I ran out of footage near the end so filled it up with pictures! Nevertheless, it was still a hit when we watched it the following year with everyone.

Jordan was a little upset in the beginning of this one because she had fallen in love with my cousin's dog and he went away for a second. I guess she thought he was gone forever! He came back though, and she returned to smiling through her tears. Sorry for the long text post, but I wanted explain a little about this one. Hope you enjoy!

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Music: Celebration - by Kool & the Gang


croquetbroom said...

the number of children running around confirms that someone has indeed been celebrating.

Chris Daniel said...

Wow, it looks like you have a big family! There's somthing about that song that makes me sing along everytime I hear it.