June 09, 2005

My brother Steve

I didn't have anything to post today, so I thought I would brag a bit about my brother Steve. Last year, he was a part of a a five-man acappella group called "The Mikes" from New Brunswick, Canada. Steve has always been in the middle of an adventure. Before the Mikes, he taught english in Korea for a year. Last year, he landed the best job in the world and signed a 10 month contract to be a cruise ship entertainer with the Mikes. The Mikes entertained on the Holland America cruise line and got to go to places like the Caribbean, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Istanbul, Turkey, and Sitka, Alaksa. I don't get to see Steve very often, and unfortunately, never got to see him perform with the Mikes. I will leave you with a few audio clips from their CD. Hope you enjoy!


Good 'Ol A Cappella

Sixteen Tons (featuring Steve)

Love is a Many Splendored Thing

Note: Steve is the second in from the right


jonjon barros said...

I missed my days with my chorale group doing acapella sounds!

Great voices!

Scott Walker said...

I'm so glad you decided to brag on your brother; I love this type music. I've always had a thing for "Barbershop Quartet" music! Do they have a site selling their CD? Thanks for sharing some clips from their CD. No wonder you are so proud of him; they sound WONDERFUL!

Scott Walker said...

Ah! Google'd it and found it: