June 05, 2005

Dancing Baby

Jordan has always loved to dance. This is a video we took last year. The song is one of her favorites from Sesame Street, called "Pride" (featuring the Goo Goo Dolls and Elmo, remake of their song "Slide"). Hope you enjoy!

Click to play [Quicktime]

Music: Pride - by Sesame Street and the Goo Goo Dolls

I also added a new bar at the top instead of the plain blogger bar (thanks to the help of the folks on the videoblogging group). Tell me what you think!


R said...

that's cute! smells like baby spirit!

Kate said...

that's so sweet!

Dennis said...

That's a great video!

Tim said...

That kid's got some sweet moves! I especially like the sideways head-bang.

Scott Walker said...

Wow! What I'd do to have that kind of energy again!!!

She's precious! And the ghost effect was perfect for this video. Great job.

Now, after all that hopping, did you check her diaper to see if she "Opps! I did it again" ??? :-)

ToDd said...

That's so weird.. because when I look at this I was looking for that effect, and then it came at a crucial point in the song. Pete told me after your message that I should've started the effect when the ride got rough on the boat, so I may change it. Not tonight, but soon. :)

I've taken your advice so keep giving it to me. When I saw your daughter with the effect that's when I realized when you did it at a time when it was crucial to the flow.

Dunno if you understand this right now, but I've had a few beer,

Love Todd