May 05, 2005

It's too early...

Once again, it's my turn to get up with the girls. Jordan just woke up and it's 7:00 am. Normally she gets up closer to 8:00, but I stayed up late last night so it would just figure. I'm sitting here sipping my coffee before Maddy wakes up. She sometimes sleeps late, so I hope I can finish my coffee before things get crazy. By the way, I'm a coffee snob. Not only do I like quality coffee (none of this Maxwell House and Folgers stuff), but I roast my own beans and grind them. The coffee roaster is best operated outside because it typically generates smoke. So on nice days, I usually roast a couple of batches. When the sun is shining, Jordan comments on how nice it looks outside and then tells me it's a good day to roast. It's not a good day for a walk, or for playing outside, but according to her.. it's perfect for roasting. Poor child! Today, I'm planning on tackling the huge piles of laundry that have accumulated, including the load that's still wet in the washing machine that I forgot about (it's been there for 2 days and now needs to be re-washed), and the load in the dryer that needs to be fluffed yet again. I'm sure I'm not the only mother that lets this happen! Well, I will leave you with another slide show. This is Jordan as a newborn. These shots were taken in the hospital and when she came home. Enjoy!

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Melissa said...

Wow! Your videos/movies are great. Did you teach yourself how to make the imovies? We have an iBook we are trying to sell, but your imovies are making me reconsider!

Nice job, and welcome to blogging! :-)