May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

Music: These Are the Women We Come From - by Bonnie Keen and Tori Taff

Happy Mothers Day to my Mom and Mother-in-law... and to all Moms! Here's a little something I put together for Mothers Day.

This is my third Mothers day. It is a special day and takes me back to when each of my daughters was born. The first video I ever made was of Jordan's first day in the hospital. I can hardly remember what it was like before I was a mother. There was a time I didn't know if I would ever get to be a mother, and now I have two healthy, beautiful miracles. God has truly blessed our family. If you would like to see videos of their original. "birth" days, click below.


Music: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - by Celine Dion


Music: Have You Ever Been In Love - by Celine Dion

Had a really nice day today (despite my Jordan's disobedience all day). Kids must know what day Mother's Day is. Daddy handled it most of the day though so that I could relax, which was wonderful! Went to church and then had a nice lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. Came home and put Maddy to bed for a nap. She slept most of the afternoon and I was tired too, so Charlie and Jordan watched a movie while we both had a nap. Nice! I'm really looking forward to our vacation. I will definately miss the girls, but we haven't been anywhere overnight without them for a year now. I think we both deserve a break! Maddy is finally drinking milk and juice from a cup now, so I am free to leave! They are going to stay with Charlie's Mom for the week... thanks SOOO much Grandma!! (If you are reading this, we both REALLY appreciate it). She will definately have her hands full this week. I hope they behave for her so that she will do it again sometime! Uncle Ashley and Aunt Amanda live there too with their new month-old baby Ashton, so Jordan and Maddy will enjoy having a baby around. As far as our plans for vacation, we are going to the beach to relax. By relaxing, I mean sleeping as late as we want, doing what we want when we want to, watching movies, going on dates every night, reading... basically a week of how we used to live before kids came along. Hopefully by the end of it, we will both feel refreshed.

Well, that's it for now. Hopefully, whoever is reading this isn't bored out their minds. I was never very good at creative writing, but will try my best to make it interesting from day to day. If you'd rather not read my boring jabber, feel free to just skip to the videos :)

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