August 18, 2016

No one visits here anymore :)

Just go ahead and watch archived videos on YouTube. It’s been fun!

January 28, 2010

New Beginnings

This video was taken from the hospital bed. The girls had just come in to meet their brother for the first time. Maddy was a little timid to hold him, but Jordan couldn't wait! Her smile says it all :)

November 29, 2009

Miley Cyrus at Last

We counted down from 130 days and last night, we finally were able to go to the Miley Cyrus concert. Needless to say, the girls were super excited for her to come out. Here's the big moment from the concert when she came out on stage.

July 22, 2009

Big News!!

Jordan shot the last bit of video on my iPhone, in case that wasn't clear :P

July 06, 2009

Little Rockstar

Came home today to find the girls had made a makeshift mic stand with my tripod :) Maddy is quite the little performer.

May 09, 2009

She had me at HELLO

Yesterday, I went to have lunch with Maddy at her preschool. The kids and teachers had prepared a special lunch for all the Moms in honor of Mothers Day. They had worked on preparing for it all week and the best part was when they sang a couple of songs for us at the end.